need u

by Loto

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made in a cave

dedicated to ☀︎☀︎☀︎


released November 26, 2016

cover art designed, shot, and edited by loto

all songs written by loto except for track 4, written by Joshua Morata
track 1 contains samples of Joshua Morata's "9:30 pm" and "3 AM in My City"
track 2 contains samples of Chaka Khan's 'Got to Be There"

apologies to the family whose house got burnt, to which i recorded the sound of for track 5
apologies if it's shit

thanks to all friends and family

special thanks to the halfboyzzz for existing
to Joshua Morata for helping me find me sound and sending those stems, as well as being a great person
to Izzeo for being an amazing and funny dude
to Kalamari Jones for being a great collaborator and listener
to Pending for bringing the warm vibes to the group. can't wait for the bars
to Alexine for being supportive throughout this life so far

glad yall can put up with my shit



all rights reserved


佐藤明 Montreal, Québec

Home of music made by Loto.

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Track Name: need you
Is it wrong for me to think that I'm empty
Even though no ones ever left me
I'm just tired of always hoping
That you don't see me as nothing

I just really need you near me
Won't you renew this feeling

Can you Let me find myself in you
Because I've lost who i am to tell the truth
When I think of you I can't breathe
Your hands wring my neck and choke me

please understand that I need you near me
help me renew this feeling
make me feel real again
Track Name: stay六
I don't want to waste your time like I usually do
Something inside is scared Whenever i see you
My heart feels like it gets crushed and I don't know what to do
I just fear that I'll end up tainting you

Maybe you see me in the same way
Or maybe I should stay home for a few more days
I've been unsure on what to say
So I've been hiding my face

I want to know if you hate me
But I don't want to ask Cus I'm too scared to see
If that's truth
But even if it is

Can you please stay for a while
With me

Your eyes smile, but my mind tells me otherwise
I'm not sure what to think
I've grown and learned to trust its lies
I'm not sure what to think

I've been laying in the dark
Lost in deserted parks
My mind is never at ease these days
I'm just hoping that I'll exist in your mind
And all the while, your soul has made me blind
But through these times I want to ask
Track Name: better life
I know you don't view me in the same light
I know that I'm out of your sight
If you were here it'd be a better night
If you were here it'd be a better life
Track Name: leave you
originally written by Joshua Morata

It's time that I came out from hiding,
maybe I should just come clean.
I wanna wash away the memory,
but it's been really hard for me.
I've been sleeping by myself now,
I really want to stop the nonsense.
I've been feeling low for too long,
I'm really hoping we can make it back.
There are moments that we can't waste,
I'm stuck inbetween uncertainty.
I wish we never left us, but I guess that's how it's suppose to be.

Now it's time that I leave you, I think it's time that I leave it all behind.
And even if we left our promises open, we'll close them on the other side.

Forget the second chances, going up the high ground,
You can never take back from me.
And all the times that we shared, and all the things we've done then,
I would never make you change who you are.
I would never make you change, who you are.
Track Name: tsumoru
Gas filled lungs filter out the words I need to hear
But all I hear is noise that pierces my ears
I never thought it'd be like this after a few years
I never thought I'd be dreaming of your tears

The door is open usually
But the snow will block it for the time being

I feel like we grew farther than before
I could've been something to you or much more
No more questions or smiles left in store
Hope it restocks before I melt to the floor

The door is open usually
But the snow will block it for the time being

I Hope it melts before it's too late
I hope we settle things straight
I hope it melts before it's too late
But Knowing my luck it'll be too late

i can cope with this
if i tried